doctors make mistakes

A dark world with red impression , if u get involved in the game you will surely never escape  cause you’re here to save lifes , you’re here to know about others health physiologically and psychologically every doctor or futur doctor should assume this before he starts , if you want to be an engineer so do it , this is very easy , it doesn’t need patience or resistance comparing to the real enginnering. we’re doctors we’re the ingeneers of the most complicated machine in the world  , one mistake costs life , breathing , family , job , children …. if u fall down then u need lot of time to recover , for the patient, when you made mistakes you’re immediatelly considered as a killer , no mercy , you will surely finish in jail  …medical career is really hard when you are  neglectuful .. if you are clumsy then try to fix it quickly patients hate clumsy doctors if you  smoke then give up patients consider you as an example so don’t deceive them

To conclude , don’t care about 13years of studying , just care about being a good doctor


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